Treating a Disc Bulge

How a Good Chiropractor Treats a Disc Bulge.


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  1. turcanewyork says:

    hi! I am experiencing pain on my left leg all the way down to my ankle.I fell down violently on marble floor due some water on the floor, this happened oct 14/10, after a week I started feeling a lot of pain on my left knee and after few days I couldn’t sit and had a stabing pain on my left groin? area. Went to my doctor, MRI reveals a L4 and L5 protusion, my doctor told me that her interpreation of the MRI report is that my dics are not herniated,but I am confused about the word protusion? T

  2. BBarez says:

    @AcrazyG Hi, just checking to see if your still experiencing pain? Usually deep tissue? doesn’t correct disc problems, but it makes you feel good.

  3. Seanobs says:

    very helpful information. Key ones being Chiropractors and physiotherapists.?

  4. AcrazyG says:

    @AcrazyG Yes i am still experiencing pain. i was going to physical therapy for a couple of months which helped decrease the level of pain but it is still there.? I am also currently doinf the deep tissue massage “rolfing”. I havnt seen to many results yet, but im only on the 4th appointment

  5. BBarez says:

    @AcrazyG I just found your comment.? Are you still experiencing pain?

  6. BBarez says:

    @farooqiba Please give me a call at our office for a consultation. I’ll do this at NO CHARGE, to make sure we? can help you first. Our number is 310-371-3134. Thank you, Dr. Brad Barez

  7. farooqiba says:

    hi i am 34 my work routine is quite tough had to sit in front of computer for long hours , was having sudden acute pain in my back and it was very severe but for a very short time, i did MRI and here what it says; straightening of lumber spine is seen, at L5/S1 there is a mild central posterior disc protrusion causing pressure on thecal sac and bulging? annulus posteriorly at L4/L5 causing indentation on thecal sac, can you please help me how to cope up and what it really mean

  8. BBarez says:

    @muffinboy1994? Yes, that is what we do everyday. Give us a call. 310-371-3134 Dr. Brad Barez

  9. DontClickMexD says:

    Im 15, I was? doing deadlifts and the next day I woke up with this pain.

  10. BBarez says:

    @203207ab Thanks for your question. First we have to determine whats causing the disc to bulge, Then physically use natural methods to decompress the bulge to alleviate nerve compression. Again, 95%? of our patients are our of pain within 30 days. Visit our site and check out our new patient offer. You’ll love our treatment!

  11. muffinboy1994 says:

    i’ve had this going on a year now. im 15 and last year i dove into a pool with too much forward momentum and my back kinna scoriponed if you can imagine that? and i went to an orthopedist and he diagnosed me but all he said is well i guess if? it doesnt go away when you’re about sixty you’ll need surgery…this feels like its never going away…can i actually call that number and you really help me?

  12. BBarez says:

    @AcrazyG Please give me a call and? start the healing process now. When patients are younger, they get better very fast.
    Dr. Brad Barez

  13. AcrazyG says:

    i am a 16 tear old kid and i have had back pain for about a year because i have 5? bulging disks, i have been doing everything possible so far to help it but it is still there, the pain is taking me out of sports and i am pretty mad about it, will i ever be able to play sports (football) again? please help me

  14. miguelantonio1975 says:

    I’m a 33y/o male and I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc for well
    over two yeasr now. I’ve been through all sorts of treatments, some help
    more than others. I been unable to walk long distances home bound due? to the intense pain when i stand up if any one knows any suggestions or been in similar situation let me know

  15. TangerineGroovin says:

    youre not alone, you just described my? life perfectly

  16. Ryzeke says:

    I’m a 23 y/o male and I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc for well over a year now. I’ve been through all sorts of treatments, some help more than others. However,? after one treatment works, and the pain goes away, it always finds a way to return.

    I work at UPS, so it’s hard to separate myself from physical exertion, and I’m beginning to feel that this pain will never fully go away.

  17. undercovermouse1 says:

    OMG, so we’re totally rearranging our house and moving around a lot of heavy stuff right? well, yesterday i think i overexerted myself cuz my back really hurts right now. i haven’t gone to the doctor yet, cuz? i’m hoping that the pain will go away on its own. i just hope it goes away really soon cuz i have to perform tonight. GRRRRR!

  18. ameedelghoul says:

    I am going through the same thing, bulged freakin disk, been over 6 months? and the pain doesn’t stop, I am scared it might be here to stay, not sure how to manage not to left anything or play with your kids for months till it heals!!

  19. cupexxx says:

    i have the same problem. im 26 male, into sports. gym, soccer, surfing etc etc… i have a herniated disk according to an mri… L5 S2… doc says its not that bad, hopefully no surgery.. but im supposed to rest for at least 1 month with no exercises what so ever….
    On one hand, im glad its a mild herniated disk… but on the other, i am so pissed that it happened to me? :(

    it really sucks…

  20. sweetcherry202 says:

    oh wow.
    well i hope you feel better.
    at least? i know someone else out there is suffering from a bulging disk thing like i am.

  21. sweetcherry202 says:

    i have this.
    i had back pain for like 2 weeks.
    i finally went to the doctor who told me to go to physio.. and they told me about my bulging disk. it really hurts!! i gotta go to physio 2 times a week. my first appointment was yesterday and thats when i found out about it. i just gotta keep excersing my back, ect. not lifting heavy things and all that. I have no idea how i did this. but yeah.. that sucks, im just hoping i dont need surgury!! I want it? to heal on its own, please.

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